Welcome to Languid Dreams

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."
- Egdar Allan Poe

Random Name Generators

This is a page for generating a list of random names of various types and genres. Just got this going. For now, I have some old west type names but I plan to add multiple historical and fantasy categories.

This page uses php as the primary method of generating names combined with a couple small javascripts for added interactivity. Made mostly from scratch with the help of a few tutorials.

Languid Dreams MUD

(formerly Annwn MUD)

This is my MUD using the Dead Souls MUD engine. It is set in a world between worlds. Go one way and enter the modern world. Go the other way and enter the wold of myth and magic.

Connect via Telnet (preferred): mud.languiddreams.net:6670

Connect via browser: Languid Dreams Browser Terminal

Sun Through Dark Clouds

Pictures, poetry, words, and things I notice on Tumblr

Gloom Land Wiki

Strange girl

This is my second wiki site using the wikipedia engine. This is a fay-dark fantasy realm world-building project. (public access)

Vanatas Wiki

And here is another shared world building wiki--this one isn't mine, but I am participating.

"Vanatas is a universe with realistic and modern tech where users may create and control an individual nation with its own unique history, culture, and peoples."

And here is my country: The Kingdom of Vircazihm

Add Text to Images

My latest project. Yes, right now, it is a "meme maker" but I hope to add image editing tools.

Tarot: Three Card Reading

This is my version of Brad Malony's Three Card Tarot Reading.

Strange girl

Random Character Generator for Old School D&D

This is my version of the Dizzy Dragon version of the LLCharGen PHP engine for generating random characters in the old school white box rule set. I might fiddle with it at some point to comply with the Velyressia magic rules, but for now it's pure old school D&D. If you are so inclined to hit the "donate" button, please be assured the money goes to Dizzy Dragon and not to me.

Azgaar's Excellent Map Generator

I love Azgaar's excellent fantasy map generator. Click up above for the current version. It is just a link to his site. I use his old version: Azgaar v. 0.8.


Vulgar is a constructed language (conlang) generator for fantasy fiction writers and role players. Create unique languages for your race of peoples in the click of a button! Vulgar models the regularities, irregularities and quirks of real world languages: from grammar, to sounds, to vocabulary.

Simple Fantasy Map Generator

Nothing special. Just a very simple script that gives you a random map everytime you click the link. There is no saving, but you can print it if you want. The original was a PHP exercise script by Duane O'Brien. So far I swapped out the tiles for aesthetically improved fantasy map tiles. Secondly, I rewrote the html rendering code in order to arrange the map tiles in an offset hexigon pattern, instead of a squared grid. In future, I will add cities and castles. Then, I might add some javascript interactivity, at least in terms of selecting the size of the output map.