Languid Dreams MUD


One day last year (2015), I began to reminisce about MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) I used to play back in the early Twenty-Aughts. In a fit of nostalgia, I looked into the state of MUDs today. There are still a few in operation and even a few new ones popping up here and there. But, I asked myself, does anyone play these anymore? I visited my favorite old MUD, Merentha MUD, and, lo and behold, not only does it still exist, I was able to log into one of my old characters even though I had not been there for many a real-world winter. There were even other players logged in. No one I knew, of course, but players nonetheless, albeit a much smaller gathering then I remember from a decade ago. On the other hand, a few other MUDs I visited of late are depopulated ghost towns with no players in sight and a sad who list with nought but a single virtual soul.

Nostalgic as I am, I couldn't bring myself, a middle-aged man with a job and an Millennial adult child living at home (and chronically baffled by the concept of adult responsibilities), to seriously put the time and cognitive energy into relearning and playing MUDs again. So, haha, instead, I decided to put my mental resources into a much bigger project, making my very own MUD, something I fantasized about years ago but never had the wherewithall for. Thus, I give you, Languid Dreams MUD.


Connect to Languid Dreams MUD via Telnet or MUD client (preferred):

Connect to Languid Dreams MUD via web browser. Clicking this link will open a new window and will (or should) connect you to the MUD automatically:
Languid Dreams Browser Terminal

The Setting

There is not much to say about the setting of this MUD because I simply haven't done much world building as of yet with most of my time and effort going into tinkering with the game engine.

What I have thus far is a result of indecision. I always meant to do a MUD based on the modern world but I also wanted to do a Swords and Sorcery MUD. I eventually decided, instead of doing two MUDs, I'll just put them both together in the same MUD. I turned the starting area into a small village called Betwixton, so called because it is a liminal place that exists between two planes of existance, Mundane Reality, reached by a portal to the south of the village, and the magical world of Annwn, reached through a portal to the north. In Betwixton itself, you can use modern conveniences like motorized vehicles, guns and flashlights, and you can also use magic and find magical races and monsters, but once you pass through one of the portals you are stuck with either the modern or the magical. Take your pick.

Languid Dreams MUD Development

The MUD Engine

Languid Dreams MUD is built up from Dead Souls 3 MUD Library written in LPC and driven by FluffOS MUD driver. I chose Dead Souls, firstly, because it is newbie friendly, secondly, because it has the Quick Creation system wherein you can build in the MUD while it is running, and, thirdly, because it appeared to be supported. The first two reasons remain very true, but the third turned out not to be so. The Dead Souls website remains up and you can download the mudlib for yourself, but the forum, hosted on the LPMuds site, went down earlier this year (2016). No one responds to email contact attempts.

Learning the LPC programming language has been fun and enjoyable, for me. Of course, as a dedicated MUD building language, it has little or no gain outside of making a MUD, but I find it a good pasttime, and it is well documented, making learning possible. I only wish there was still a community of LPC users and developers to seek guidance from and share with.

UPDATE: The LPMuds site is back online, as of mid 2017. However, it is effectively inactive, serving as an archive, with only a few updates from old timers. Attempts at registering new accounts do not complete, getting hung up in the approval queue.

Game Alteration Projects

1) Weather System

2) Vehicles Fix

3) Modern Conveniences Fix

4) Standardized NPC physical descriptions

5) Magical Spells

6) Dieties and Religion