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Welcome to Twiland Wiki

Twiland is a shared world building hallucination.

Twiland is an otherworld without night or day. Over centuries, humans have fallen into this place or been brought here deliberately. Now, there are cities and nations of people living in eternal twilight, and in the twilit forests, other beings dwell . . . the ancient ones . . . the fay.

Here is a world apart but linked to other worlds in some mysterious fashion. In this dark land are human cultures arisen from a mix of humans who have come here from all times and places. Other beings dwell in the darkness who go by many names, but all people have known them in the deep memory of myth and folklore.

In this weird place, there is sentience all around. Some but not all animals can speak. You might come across a sentient tree, or even a living rock that watches you in silence. People do not age normally. Time does not pass in any way that men can measure. Philosophers debate but have not answers.

If brought to this other place, technology fails. Gunpowder is inert. Gasoline is useless. Electricity fails to flow. No god comes to this lost land. Priests and imams alike pray in vain to an empty twilight sky.

But, there is magic. Everywhere, there is magic.

World Overview

The Heavens

  • Time of day is always dusk/twilight. The sun never quite rises over the horizon.
  • The moon is fickle and unpredictable in its movements and phases
  • The stars slowly move on unpredictable paths. There are no constellations.
  • Weather is fickle and follows no seasons.


  • On the mortal plane only the strongest spirits can physically manifest but in Twiland all spirit beings (ghosts, nature spirtits, etc) have the ability to manifest in full physical form whenever they choose and for unlimited duration.
  • Demons in Twiland feed on base human passions, desires, hates, fear, vices and can be found where humans congregate.
  • Dream Spawn are souless entities that take their form from human dreams and nightmares. The more people who dream about the same person or being, the stronger the Dream Spawn will become. They can be seemingly benevolent, neutral, or malevolent as appropriate to the dream image.


  • Fay are spirits that have taken on persistent physical bodies and have the ability to cross over into the mortal plane and back.
  • Fay are drawn to humans with strong imagination and creative ability.
  • Fay feed off human imagination and dreams.
  • They occasionally interbreed with humans to increase fay fertility and vitality. The products of this, called Stranges, are left to fend for themselves with their lone human parent and will eventually be faced with a choice to either join the human world and be diminished or to enter Faerie and bring vitality to the fay in exchange for fay abilities.
  • Very powerful fay have the ability to create their own pocket world/planes. These are collectively referred to as Faerie.

The World

  • Twiland is said to have been created by a powerful fay as a place to maintain humans but was forsaken by the fay when excessive human population produced demons and dream spawn even though some fay continue to travel there.
  • The landmass forms a large island around a central highland, with a few smaller islands off the coast.
  • Most of Twiland is overrun by dark forests.
  • There are many dolmens throughout the land through which humans entered but cannot leave without help from a fay or by a dark ritual in which a fay is sacrificed at the dolmen.
  • Many natural features (trees, large stones, ponds) seem to have some form of rudimentary sentience.
  • Iron and steel are extremely rare in Twiland as iron does not exist in the natural world and all extant iron and steel has entered the world when a human has stumbled through a dolmen carry iron/steel objects.

The People of Twiland

  • Humans entered Twiland from various regions of Earth over hundreds or thousands of Earth years.
  • There are many languages and cultures, some connected to specific places and eras on Earth and others are a fusion of multiple Earth ethnicities.
  • Humans do not age in a normal manner in Twiland and can live for vast spans of time.
  • Fertility in Twiland is low.
  • There are many small communities and only one real city.
  • There are few large sociopolitical structures and most communities are simply ruled locally following local custom.
  • There is a high diversity in law and customs from community to community.

Where to Start

A "Strange" girl in the forest

Mythras / RuneQuest supplemental rules for Twiland

Summary of supplemental rules.