Tuddidel Bottom

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  • Town Tuddidel Bottom, everyone must be married, inundated nightly by spiders
  • Tavern Beaten Mule, landlord detests southerners
  • Economy Dairy
  • weird custom Everyone over the age of nine must be married and accompanied by their spouse at all times. Spouses can be hired at the The Strong Chasm Inn outside of town.
  • cause of weird custom Every night hand-sized spiders from the forest descend on the village and swarm any unaccompanied virgins
  • cause of the cause Centuries ago, the villagers' ancestors sacrificed virgins to a powerful nature spirit inhabiting the nearby bog. Now there are no more sacrifices and the spirit sends out swarms of black spiders to seek unmarried and unaccompanied individuals in the night to harass and maybe even kill.
  • Village special dish Flambeed chickpeas in a thick cream sauce flavored with salak and accompanied by sweeted mashed greens