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Alternate Mythras/RuneQuest rules for Conjuration and Conjurer Career.

Conjurers and Summoning

Conjurer is a career found in civilized culture areas. They are similar to shamans and share the shaman binding skill. However, they differ in that conjurers lack the shaman trance skill and instead use the Evoke Spell. Summoning entities with the Evoke Spell requires lore about a specific entity, including its true name, to be successful. In some literate civilized areas, lore regarding specific spirit entities and demons have developed over millennia. Conjurers lack the ability to see into or travel into the spirit world (unless they have somehow learned the trance skill) and therefore do not not have the ability to contact random nearby spirits.

Theurgy and Sorcery

Sorcery in Mythras is called theurgy in Twiland, whereas sorcery in Twiland is a specific sub-type of folk magic.


Mysticism in Twiland does not have to depend on meditation (although meditative mysticism does exist). An alternate types of mysticism use one or more of the following to achieve mystical knowledge and power:

  • Night-long secret religious rituals that use symbols of the divine and esoteric methods to achieve altered consciousness
  • Use of aestheticism, fasting, and long term isolation to achieve altered consciousness
  • Use of self-flagellation, mystical self-injury, and mortification to acheive altered consciousness
  • Use of psychedelic substances in combination with one or more of the above.


Fay are a type of nature spirit who can and prefer to manifest in a semi-corporeal manner either on the material plane, or a plane of Faerie. Fay have the unique ability to manifest a seemingly corporeal body. How they do this is mysterious but is said to take place in remote woodlands when moonbeams light flowers and fungi on the forest floor. When a fay is killed, their body dies, but they continue in spirit form, usually returning to the spirit/ethereal plane and build their strength over a long stretch of time before they can manifest a body again.


Demons are spirits who feed off strong human passions who are either born at or are somehow drawn to places where human passions have been strong. They live in the spirit world corresponding to battlefields, torture rooms, bordellos, vomitoriums, hospitals, places of grief, places of cannibalism, etc., where they grow strong on human hate, anger, lust, pain, despair, hunger, greed, grief, etc. Demons, insofar as they can affect beings on the material plane, promote the human passion they hunger after. Different types of demons feed off different types of passion. If a demon is brought to the material plane by a shaman or conjurer, they will do whatever they can, if allowed, to promote the type of passion they feed off of.